Reliable Audio Visual Entertainment 

is providing improvement on an existing service encompassing more features. Breadth into advancements for audio and visual technology, competitive prices and a great reliable team that allows increased integration. This dedication for faster, excellent customer service is to bring individuals convenience.

RAVE's Mission

RAVE is putting all of its efforts in becoming a dynamic audiovisual company. Who does their absolute best with securing businesses and individuals with Reliable Audio Visual Entertainment; for any special event.

RAVE's Strategic Vision

RAVE is here to become and integral part of special events by enhancing individuals experience with strong interpersonal communication, keeping current with technological innovations, and a strong sense of personal commitment for reliable, quality, service.​

About RAVE

RAVE possesses those rare qualities we find in but a few individuals. 
Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and San Diego County.

Cesar Villalobos graduated from California State University Fullerton, in spring of 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a concentration in Entertainment Studies. He has over a decade of professional experience working as Operating Director and an Audiovisual Technician for music venues, DJ companies and other production companies in Southern California. 

and performing multimedia shows with film, slides and video in places as diverse as the legendary Lhasa Club in Los Angeles, The Artery in Pittsburgh and The Cornerstone Festival in Chicago. He attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh studying audio/video production and business and opened a video production company in Northeastern Ohio. Returning to Southern California in 2008 he was Operations Director for a DJ and A/V company leading a crew of technicians providing sound, lighting and video services for weddings, corporate events and large conferences. Today, he is still active musically and in the audio visual field and brings years of experience to Reliable Audio Visual Entertainment.


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Marc Plainguet has been behind a camera most of his life. Growing up in Los Angeles, his father showed him how to film with a silent Super 8 camera. His father was the Chef for Universal Studios and Marc often wandered the backlot watching the movies being made. During the 80's, Marc began writing and recording his own music for his own label gaining an international following 

While extensive time and resources go into the creation of the work presented here, included in them are also those intangibles you’re unlikely to see elsewhere.

Cesar has provided audio, lighting and video services for weddings, corporate events, large conferences and various music events. He has been playing electric bass for years and has played with several bands in various genres. When attending CSUF he completed his internship at Wright Records developing an understanding when it comes to business and professionalism. He shows true passion for music and live entertainment. Cesar brings an understanding of his industry and strong customer service to Reliable Audio Visual Entertainment.